Birth Control

Birth control is defined as any method that helps you to prevent from pregnancy. Birth control option is chosen when you do not want to get pregnant. Numerous of reasons are behind this decision for every person depending on their conditions and priorities. Male and females both are accessible for birth control options for the temporary duration or for long time protection, for instance, condoms, IUDs, implants, patches, and injections, birth control pills for temporary and vasectomy and tubal ligation for permanent options. Here we are giving you the benefits of birth control pills, which are very easy to carry anywhere and taken easily at your convenience.

Birth control pills act in very outstanding manners to prevent pregnancy. Pills inhibit the process of ovulation that is the release of eggs from female ovaries to prevent fertilization with sperm. Additionally, pills block the entry of sperm into the female reproductive area by making the cervix mucus thick and thus aids in inhibit the meeting of egg and sperm. Moreover, pills also inhibit the fertilized egg to the uterine wall lining by changing the endometrium. These unique processes assist in pregnancy and hence, birth control pills restrain all these to prevent the risk of pregnancy.

Birth control pills are available with a combination of two hormones or as single hormone preparation. These can be used for emergency cases and for certain duration as regular intake for pregnancy prevention. Estrogen and progesterone are the two main hormones prepared synthetically in the form of different birth control pills taken according to your condition and preference. Some examples of birth control pills are Norethindrone, Mircette, Yasmin, Dronis, Yaz, Femilon, Ovral G, Ovral L, Loette, Dianette, Cerazette, and Activelle as regular pills and Plan B, I pill, and Unwanted 72 as emergency contraceptive pills.

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