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Tadagra 40mg is given for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. ED is a common male disorder that greatly impacts the sexual life of a man. Tadagra 40mg is a boon to such patients. It is composed of active ingredient tadalafil and is well known for its effective results.

Mechanism of action:

The working component of the medication tadalafil is a strong inhibitor of PDE type-5 enzyme. It stops the activity of this enzyme and is responsible for the dilation of blood vessels and relaxation of smooth muscles around penile area due to which erection perceive for longer time periods.

Dosage therapy:

Tadagra 40mg pill should be taken with water orally and it should be taken 30 minutes before the intimacy session.


  • Tadagra 40mg is contraindicated to the patients who are suffering from heart disorder like cardiac arrhythmia.
  • The medicine is contraindicated if patient is taking nitrate containing drugs like nitroglycerine.
  • If the patient is hypersensitive to tadalafil, intake of Tadagra 40mg is contraindicated

Drug interactions:

Tadagra 40mg is known to show interaction with number of medications like telithromycin, famotidine, saquinavir, nitroglycerine, ranitidine, gabapentin, isosorbide mononitrate and levetiracetam.

Side effects:

Severity of side effects varies from person to person. The side effects include pain in back, distress in stomach, drowsy effects and unusual sound in ears.

If dose is missed:

Tadagra 40mg is taken only when needed. So there are minimal chances of missing the dose.

In case of overdose:

Only a single pill is recommended in 24 hours. More than one pill in a day can cause overdosing symptoms like vomiting, nausea, irregular heartbeat.


Tadagra 40mg should be stored in a tight container away from moisture and humidity. The drug should be stored properly out of reach of children and should be protected from direct sunlight and heat.

Precautionary measures:

  • Tadagra 40mg is meant to be used by males, so female should not take this drug.
  • Tadagra 40mg should not be used by the people under 18.
  • Alcohol containing products should be avoided always while taking this medicine.
  • Avoid intake of grape juice.
  • The medicine impacts the driving capability of person, so driving should not be done after taking this medicine.

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Tadagra 40MG On-line | Generic Tadalafil