Buy Actorise 25 mcg Online | sildenafil

Buy Actorise 25 mcg Online | sildenafil

What is Actorise?

Actorise 25 Injection is used for Anemia associated with chronic kidney failure, Anemia due to chronic kidney disease, Symptomatic anemia in adult cancer patients receiving chemotherapy, Anemia due to chemotherapy and other Actorise Injection may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.

buy Actorise 25mcg Injection contains Darbepoetin Alfa as an active ingredient.
online Actorise Injection works by stimulating bone marrow to produce more red blood cells.
Cipla manufactures Actorise Injection.
Detailed information related to online Actorise 25 mcg Injection’s uses, composition, dosage, side effects and reviews is listed below.

How to use Actorise Injection

Your doctor or nurse will give you this medicine. Kindly do not self administer.
Darbepoetin alpha is used to treat anemia (low hemoglobin and or reduced red blood cell count) associated with chronic kidney failure (inability for produce adequate urine) in adults and children, and symptomatic anemia in adult cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.

How it works

Darbepoetin alfa belongs to a class of haematological agents called erythropoeisis stimulating agents (ESAs). It is a synthetic form of a human hormone (erythropoietin) produced by recombinant DNA technology, which increases the red blood cell production thereby helping in relieving the symptoms.

Actorise Injection – Side-effects

The following is a list of possible side-effects that may occur from all constituting ingredients of buy Actorise 25 mcg Injection. This is not a comprehensive list. These side-effects are possible, but do not always occur. Some of the side-effects may be rare but serious. Consult your doctor if you observe any of the following side-effects, especially if they do not go away.

  • Myocardial infarction
  • Stroke
  • Increased mortality
  • Hypertension
  • Seizures
  • Peripheral edema
  • Actorise Injection may also cause side-effects not listed here.
If you notice other side-effects not listed above, contact your doctor for medical advice. You may also report side-effects to your local food and drug administration authority.


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For more details:- Buy Actorise 25 mcg Online | sildenafil

 Buy Actorise 25 mcg Online | sildenafil