Buy Artesunate 50 mg Online

Buy Artesunate 50 mg Online



Clinical Uses

Orally: treatment of uncomplicated falciparum malaria in areas where there is evidence of chloroquine, pyrimethamine/sulfadoxine, mefloquine and quinine resistance. It should always be administered together with mefloquine in full therapeutic dose.

Parenterally: treatment of severe falciparum malaria in areas where there is evidence of quinine resistance. Radical cure is then effected with a full course of an effective oral antimalarial.

Other Indications & Uses

P. falciparum malaria especially in quinidine-resistant patients

CDC: 2.4 mg/kg IV x4 doses over 3 days

WHO: 2.4 mg/kg IV/IM at 0, 12 hours, 24 hours, THEN qDay

PO (not available in US): 4 mg/kg qDay x3 days (with mefloquine)

Adverse effects

Drug-induced fever can occur.

Neurotoxicity has been observed in animal studies but not in humans. In view of the uncertainty about toxic effects, caution should be exercised when more than one 3-day treatment is given.

Cardiotoxicity has been observed following administration of high doses.

Recommended Dose:

  • Doses for the treatment: Oral, 50 mg, twice per day for 5 days successively. Double doses on the first day.
  • Doses for Prevention of Malaria: Oral, 100mg once a week, from one week

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