Purchase Cenforce 200 mg | Generic Sildenafil Citrate Generic Sildenafil Citrate

Purchase Cenforce 200 mg | Generic Sildenafil Citrate Generic Sildenafil Citrate

Cenforce 200 mg

Cenforce is the most powerful medication used to manage erectile dysfunction. Cenforce 200mg is very effective in providing a complete and harder erection for longer time to have well-pleased intimate session. It helps to double your sexual cravings and boost your energy for making satisfactory intimacy session. Cenforce 200mg consists of an important medicine known as Sildenafil citrate.

How does Cenforce 200mg act to enhance erection power?

Sildenafil Cenforce 200mg increases the amount of cGMP in the male penile organ and causes relaxation and dilation of blood vessel present in the male genital area. This causers the blood flow to and in the male penile organ. This allows for blood to fill the male genital area properly so that you can get an erection easily and also allow you to have a longer erection so that you can experience a more satisfying intimate session with your love.

How to intake Cenforce 200 mg?

To attain and maintain an appropriate penile erection during an intimate session, you have to consume one tablet of Sildenafil Cenforce 200mg orally 30 minutes to one hour prior to intimate activity with sufficient amount of water. You are supposed to take a single tablet of Cenforce 200mg in a day, a single tablet is sufficient enough to have long and hard erection.

What are the contraindications of Cenforce 200mg?

  • If you’re suffering from liver or kidney diseases, then avoid using this medicine.
  • If you’re suffering from hereditary degenerative retinal disorders, then don’t use this medicine.
  • If you have a history of heart attack, stroke or certain cardiovascular diseases, then avoid the ingestion of Cenforce 200mg.
  • If you’re hypersensitive to Cenforce 200mg or its other components, then avoid the consumption of this medicine.


  • If you’re using Nitrates to treat chest pain or angina, then don’t use Cenforce in this condition.
  • Consumption of alcohol or recreational medicine along with Sildenafil Cenforce 200mg may cause some undesired effects, so avoid consumption of alcohol or recreational medicine.
  • If your age is below 18 years, then avoid using this medicine.
  • Avoid the use of fatty materials along with this medicine.
  • Don’t try to consume more than a single tablet of Cenforce 200mg in a day.

How to store Cenforce 200mg?

Cenforce 200 mg is stored at room temperature. It should be kept away from heat, sunlight or moisture. Keep Cenforce 200mg at a place where children and pets are not able to reach there.

What are the side effects of Cenforce 200mg?

Don’t consume Cenforce 200 mg more than the recommended amount; otherwise you may suffer from some side effects such as headache, drowsiness, stomach pain, distress, chest pain, lightheadedness, flushing, insomnia, upset stomach, vomiting and painful erection.

What are the drug interactions of Cenforce 200mg?

Some medicines are known to interact with Cenforce 200mg and alter the efficacy of Cenforce 200mg. There are medicines that having interaction with Cenforce such as Doxazosin, Isosorbides, Nitroglycerin, Itraconazole, Ketoconazole, Erythromycin, Ritonavir, Carbamazepine, Efavirenz, Phenytoin, Rifabutin, and Cimetidine.

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Purchase Cenforce 200 mg | Generic Sildenafil Citrate Generic Sildenafil Citrate