Thallium Stress Take a look at

Thallium Stress Take a look at

What’s a thallium stress check?

A thallium stress check is a nuclear imaging check that reveals how properly blood flows into your coronary heart when you’re exercising or at relaxation. This check can also be referred to as a cardiac or nuclear stress check.

In the course of the process, a liquid with a small quantity of radioactivity referred to as a radioisotope is run into certainly one of your veins. The radioisotope will stream by way of your bloodstream and find yourself in your coronary heart. As soon as the radiation is in your coronary heart, a particular digital camera referred to as a gamma digital camera can detect the radiation and reveal any points your coronary heart muscle is having.

Your physician might order a thallium check for a wide range of causes, together with:

  • if they believe your coronary heart isn’t getting sufficient blood stream when it’s beneath stress — for instance, while you train
  • if in case you have chest ache or worsening angina
  • in the event you’ve had a earlier coronary heart assault
  • to examine how properly drugs are working
  • to find out whether or not a process or surgical procedure was profitable
  • to find out whether or not your coronary heart is wholesome sufficient to begin an train program

The thallium stress check can present:

  • the dimensions of your coronary heart chambers
  • how successfully your coronary heart pumps —that’s, its ventricular operate
  • how properly your coronary arteries provide your coronary heart with blood, often called myocardial perfusion
  • in case your coronary heart muscle is broken or scarred from earlier coronary heart assaults

How is a thallium stress check carried out?

The check should be performed at a hospital, medical middle, or physician’s workplace. A nurse or healthcare skilled inserts an intravenous (IV) line, normally on the within of your elbow. A radioisotope or radiopharmaceutical medicine, resembling thallium or sestamibi, is injected by way of the IV.

The radioactive materials marks your blood stream and is picked up by the gamma digital camera.

The check consists of an train and resting portion, and your coronary heart is photographed throughout each. The physician administering your check will decide the order that these exams are carried out in. You’ll obtain an injection of the medicine earlier than every portion.

Resting portion

Throughout this a part of the check, you lie down for 15 to 45 minutes whereas the radioactive materials works its manner by way of your physique to your coronary heart. You then lie down on an examination desk together with your arms above your head, and a gamma digital camera above you takes footage.

Train portion

Within the train portion of the check, you stroll on a treadmill or pedal an train bicycle. Almost certainly, your physician will ask you to begin slowly and progressively choose up the tempo right into a jog. You might have to run on an incline to make it more difficult.

When you’re unable to train, your physician will provide you with a medicine that stimulates your coronary heart and makes it beat sooner. This simulates how your coronary heart would act throughout train.

Your blood stress and coronary heart rhythm are monitored when you train. As soon as your coronary heart is working as arduous as it might, you’ll get off the treadmill. After about 30 minutes, you’ll lie down on an examination desk once more.

The gamma digital camera then data footage that present the stream of blood by way of your coronary heart. Your physician will examine these footage with the set of resting pictures to guage how weak or robust the blood stream to your coronary heart is.

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