Zepdon 400Mg Tablet – Uses, Side Effects, Substitutes, Composition ..

Zepdon 400Mg Tablet - Uses, Side Effects, Substitutes, Composition ..


Buy Zepdon 400mg online is an antiviral medicine which is used alone or in combination with other medicines to treat human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. This medicine is not a cure for HIV. It only prevents the virus from multiplying in your body. It should be used with caution in elderly patients.Zepdon 400mg used is a prescription medicine used in the treatment of HIVinfection in adults. Zepdon 400Mg Tablet is most commonly used in combination with other HIV medicines. Zepdon 400Mg Tablet belongs to the class (group) of HIV drugs called integrase inhibitors. These inhibitors block the HIV enzyme called integrase. By blocking these integrase, integrase inhibitors prevent the HIV virus from multiplying and thus can reduce the amount of HIV in the body. Though HIV medicines can’t cure HIV/AIDS, but by taking a combination of HIV medicines which are called an HIV regimen, every day helps patients with HIV live longer, healthier lives. The taking of HIV medicines also reduce the risk of HIV transmission.

Zepdon 400mg work should not be taken if: you are allergic to Zepdon 400Mg Tablet or any other related medicines. If you have liver problems or a history of a muscle disorder. If you have a high level of creatine kinase. If you have phenylketonuria. If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. Serious side effects of Zepdon 400Mg Tablet include allergic reactions, skin reactions and liver problems. Zepdon 400mg side effects Is available as 400-mg film-coated tablets, 25-mg and 100-mg chewable tablets, 100-mg single-use packets for oral suspension.

How to use Zepdon Tablet

Take Zepdon 400mg used in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Swallow it as a whole. Do not chew, crush or break it. Zepdon 400mg Tablet may be taken with or without food, but it is better to take it at a fixed time.

How Zepdon Tablet works

Zepdon 400mg work is an antiviral medication. It prevents the multiplication of HIV virus in human cells. Thus stops the HIV virus from producing new viruses.

Side effects

Major & minor side effects for Zepdon 400 mg Tablet

  • Blood in urine
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Fever
  • Hoarseness
  • Irritation
  • Tightness of chest
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Redness of skin
  • Upper right stomach pain


  • Missed Dose

    TakeZepdon 400mg dosage as soon as you remember. Skip the missed dose if it is almost time for your next scheduled dose. Do not use extra medicine to make up for the missed dose.
  • Overdose

    Seek emergency medical treatment or contact the doctor in case of an overdose.

    General Instructions

    Take Zepdon 400mg instructions exactly as instructed by the doctor. Do not take in larger or smaller quantities than recommended. Ensure that proper hygiene measures are adopted. Complete the course of treatment to prevent the spread of the infection.


    Warnings for special population

    • Pregnancy

      – This medicine is not recommended for use in pregnant women unless necessary. All the risks and benefits should be discussed with the doctor before taking this medicine.

    • Breast-feeding

      Zepdon 400 is recommended for use in breastfeeding women only in life-threatening conditions. The risks and benefits should be discussed with the doctor before taking this medicine. Your doctor may advise you to discontinue the drug or to discontinue breastfeeding based on your clinical condition.

    General warnings

    • Drug rash with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms syndrome

      Zepdon 400mg online should be used with caution since it may cause a Drug Rash with Eosinophilia and Systemic Symptoms (DRESS) syndrome. Appropriate corrective measures may need to be taken or therapy may need to be discontinued based on the clinical condition of the patient.

    • Myopathy

      Zepdon 400mg in US should be used with caution in patients with a known history of myopathy or increase in serum creatine kinase levels due to the increased risk of worsening of the patient’s condition.

    • Autoimmune disorders

      Zepdon 400mg price should be used with caution in patients with a known history of autoimmune disorders due to the increased risk of worsening of the patient’s condition.

      Storage of Zepdon 400mg

      • Store Raltegravir at 20°C to 25°C (68°F to 77°F); excursions are permitted between 15°C and 30°C (59°F and 86°F).
      • Make sure to always keep your medicine in an area of your home that is out of the reach of children and pets.
      • Consider storing your medications separately from your other family members. This will make it less likely that you take the wrong ones by mistake.
      • Keep Zepdon film-coated tablets in the container that they came in and keep the container tightly closed.
      • Do not use it if the original seal over the container opening is broken or missing.
      • Keep it in a cool and dry place. Do not store it or any other medicine in the bathroom or near a sink. Do not leave it in the car or on window sills. Heat and dampness can destroy some medicines

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Zepdon 400Mg Tablet - Uses, Side Effects, Substitutes, Composition ..